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I Love A Long Goodbye

This song is by Sloan and appears on the album Pretty Together (2002).

And and though no one knows for certain -
When or where I'll draw the curtain
It's because it's been said that
I love a long goodbye

We broke it off but not forgotten but
I thought that this could an opportunity to us to try
To examine my reluctant leaving,
(Sometimes sad) and if you're lonesome call
I love a long a goodbye and

That's unworthy of me
Mind you, I need to know you love me

Look at things from my perspective
Please just what about me makes my motive seem so hard to jusitfy?
Well talk to me tomorrow and I'll have another story
I'll make sure I do -
I love a long goodbye

That's unworthy of me
Mind you, I need to know you love me
Goodbye, you can know this for certain
I love you and I hate to draw the curtain

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