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Peppermint EP (1992)Edit

Sloan - Peppermint
  1. Marcus Said
  2. Underwhelmed
  3. Pretty Voice
  4. Lucky For Me
  5. Sugartune
  6. Torn

Smeared (1992)Edit

Sloan - Smeared
  1. Underwhelmed
  2. Raspberry
  3. I Am The Cancer
  4. Median Strip
  5. Take It In
  6. 500 Up
  7. Marcus Said
  8. Sugartune
  9. Left Of Centre
  10. Lemonzinger
  11. Two Seater
  12. What's There To Decide?
    Bonus tracks on 1999 Japanese release:
  13. Rag Doll
  14. Laying Blame

Underwhelmed (1993) SingleEdit

Sloan - Underwhelmed
  1. Underwhelmed
  2. What's There to Decide?
  3. Amped
  4. Sleepover

Twice Removed (1994)Edit

Sloan - Twice Removed
Twice Removed
  1. Penpals
  2. I Hate My Generation
  3. People Of The Sky
  4. Coax Me
  5. Bells On
  6. Loosens
  7. Worried Now
  8. Shame Shame
  9. Deeper Than Beauty
  10. Snowsuit Sound
  11. Before I Do
  12. I Can Feel It

One Chord To Another (1996)Edit

Sloan - One Chord To Another
One Chord To Another
  1. The Good In Everyone
  2. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
  3. Autobiography
  4. Junior Panthers
  5. G Turns To D
  6. A Side Wins
  7. Everything You've Done Wrong
  8. Anyone Who's Anyone
  9. The Lines You Amend
  10. Take The Bench
  11. Can't Face Up
  12. 400 Metres

Recorded Live At A Sloan Party! (1997)Edit

Sloan - Recorded Live At A Sloan Party!
Recorded Live At A Sloan Party!
  1. Let's Get The Party Started
  2. I Can Feel It
  3. Dignified And Old
  4. Glitter And Gold
  5. Over You
  6. I Am The Cancer
  7. I Can't Let Go
  8. Stood Up
  9. On The Road Again/Transona Five
  10. I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love

Navy Blues (1998)Edit

Sloan - Navy Blues
Navy Blues
  1. She Says What She Means
  2. C'mon C'mon (Were Gonna Get It Started)
  3. Iggy And Angus
  4. Sinking Ships
  5. Keep On Thinkin'
  6. Money City Maniacs
  7. Seems So Heavy
  8. Chester The Molester
  9. Stand By Me, Yeah
  10. Suppose They Close The Door
  11. On The Horizon
  12. I Wanna Thank You
  13. I'm Not Through With You Yet
    Bonus tracks on Japanese release:
  14. Work Cut Out
  15. Out To Lunch

Four Nights At The Palais Royale (Live) (1999)Edit

Sloan - Four Nights At The Palais Royale (Live)
Four Nights At The Palais Royale (Live)
Disc One
  1. She Says What She Means
  2. The Good In Everyone
  3. Coax Me
  4. The Lines You Amend
  5. Marcus Said
  6. Seems So Heavy
  7. Sinking Ships
  8. Everything You've Done Wrong
  9. Keep On Thinkin'
  10. Snowsuit Sound
  11. Suppose They Close The Door
  12. Iggy And Angus
  13. Bells On
  14. Anyone Who's Anyone
Disc Two
  1. People Of The Sky
  2. 400 Metres
  3. On The Horizon
  4. I Wanna Thank You
  5. G Turns To D
  6. Penpals
  7. Money City Maniacs
  8. Deeper Than Beauty
  9. I Am The Cancer
  10. I Can Feel It
  11. Torn
  12. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
  13. Before I Do
  14. Underwhelmed

Between The Bridges (1999)Edit

Sloan - Between The Bridges
Between The Bridges
  1. The N.S.
  2. So Beyond Me
  3. Don't You Believe A Word
  4. Friendship
  5. Sensory Deprivation
  6. All By Ourselves
  7. A Long Time Coming
  8. Waiting For Slow Songs
  9. Losing California
  10. The Marquee And The Moon
  11. Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy
  12. Delivering Maybes
    Bonus tracks on Japanese release:
  13. Summer's My Season
  14. At The Edge Of The Scene

Pretty Together (2002)Edit

Sloan - Pretty Together
Pretty Together
  1. If It Feels Good Do It
  2. In The Movies
  3. The Other Man
  4. Dreaming Of You
  5. Pick It Up And Dial It
  6. The Great Wall
  7. The Life Of A Working Girl
  8. Never Seeing The Ground For The Sky
  9. It's In Your Eyes
  10. Who You Talkin' To?
  11. I Love A Long Goodbye
  12. Are You Giving Me Back My Love?
  13. Your Dreams Have Come True
    Bonus tracks on Japanese release:
  14. Had Enough
  15. Helen

Action Pact (2003)Edit

Sloan - Action Pact
Action Pact
  1. Gimme That
  2. Live On
  3. Backstabbin'
  4. The Rest Of My Life
  5. False Alarm
  6. Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore
  7. Hollow Head
  8. Ready For You
  9. I Was Wrong
  10. Who Loves Life More?
  11. Reach Out
  12. Fade Away
  13. Will You Ever Love Me Again?
  14. Step On It, Jean

A Sides Win (2005)Edit

Sloan - A Sides Win
A Sides Win
  1. Underwhelmed
  2. 500 Up
  3. Coax Me
  4. People Of The Sky
  5. The Good In Everyone
  6. Everything You've Done Wrong
  7. The Lines You Amend
  8. Money City Maniacs
  9. She Says What She Means
  10. Losing California
  11. Friendship
  12. If It Feels Good Do It
  13. The Other Man
  14. The Rest Of My Life
  15. All Used Up
  16. Try To Make It

Never Hear The End Of It (2006)Edit

Sloan - Never Hear The End Of It
Never Hear The End Of It
  1. Flying High Again
  2. Who Taught You To Live Like That?
  3. I've Gotta Try
  4. Everybody Wants You
  5. Listen To The Radio
  6. Fading Into Obscurity
  7. I Can't Sleep
  8. Someone That I Can Be True With
  9. Right Or Wrong
  10. Something's Wrong
  11. Ana Lucia
  12. Before The End Of The Race
  13. Blackout
  14. I Understand
  15. You Know What It's About
  16. Golden Eyes
  17. Can't You Figure It Out?
  18. Set In Motion
  19. Love Is All Around
  20. Will I Belong?
  21. Ill Placed Trust
  22. Live The Life You're Dreaming Of
  23. Living With The Masses
  25. People Think They Know Me
  26. I Know You
  27. Last Time In Love
  28. It's Not The End Of The World
  29. Light Years
  30. Another Way I Could Do It
    Bonus tracks on Japanese release:
  31. Even Though
  32. The Best Part Of Your Life

Parallel Play (2008)Edit

Sloan - Paralell Play
Parallel Play
  1. Believe In Me
  2. Cheap Champagne
  3. All I Am Is All You're Not
  4. Emergency 911
  5. Burn For It
  6. Witch's Wand
  7. The Dogs
  8. Living The Dream
  9. The Other Side
  10. Down In The Basement
  11. If I Could Change Your Mind
  12. I'm Not A Kid Anymore
  13. Too Many

Hit & Run EP (2009)Edit

Sloan - Hit & Run EP
Hit & Run EP
  1. Take It Upon Yourself
  2. Midnight Mass
  3. It is Never
  4. Where Are You Now?
  5. Oh Dear Diary

B Sides Win (2010)Edit

Sloan - B Sides Win
B Sides Win
  1. Underwhelmed
  2. Amped
  3. Sleepover
  4. Rag Doll
  5. Laying Blame
  6. Pillow Fight
  7. D Is For Driver
  8. Stood Up (Studio Version)
  9. Same Old Flame
  10. Work Cut Out
  11. Out To Lunch
  12. Glad To Be Here
  13. Summer's My Season
  14. At The Edge Of The Scene
  15. Had Enough
  16. Helen
  17. Pretty Together
  18. Are You Giving Me Back My Love (Russian Futurists Version)
  19. Step On It, Jean
  20. Dirty Nails
  21. Will You Ever Love Me Again?
  22. I Thought That I Was Ready For You
  23. Tell Me Something I Don't Know
  24. Even Though
  25. The Best Part Of Your Life
  26. Believe In Me (Reprise)

The Double Cross (2011)Edit

Sloan - The Double Cross
The Double Cross
  1. Follow The Leader
  2. The Answer Was You
  3. Unkind
  4. Shadow Of Love
  5. She's Slowing Down Again
  6. Green Gardens, Cold Montreal
  7. It's Plain To See
  8. Your Daddy Will Do
  9. I've Gotta Know
  10. Beverly Terrace
  11. Traces
  12. Laying So Low

Group MembersEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Beverley Terrace
  2. Beyond Me
  3. Can't You Figure It Out
  4. Cmon Cmon (Were Gonna Get It Started)
  5. Dogs
  6. Hfxnshc
  7. I Know You, Last Time In Love
  8. If It Feels Good, Do It
  9. Lemon Zinger
  10. Other Side
  11. Pen Pals
  12. Rasberry
  13. She's Slowin' Down Again
  14. Step On It Jean
  15. Stove/Smother
  16. Sugar Tune
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