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This song is by Slo V and Retro and appears on the album Radio (2006).

(Intro: Uptight director/label President)
Cut, cut, cut
SR, what are you guys doing
Slow V & Retro where are the bitches and hoes, where's the platinum and the ice?
Jeeze Louise, you guys plan to sell records with that shit
Nobody likes that lyrical stuff, you need to stop that, you know the formula
Talk about some shit that you can't afford, all right
Now lets try this again, big pimping players!

(Verse 1: Slow V & Retrospect)
[Slow V:] I got a chain, that's about as big as your budget
And the cannon I'm busting will have you and your man's ducking
'Round here, dawg we be spraying in buckets
Put your bodyguard to use so you didn't hire him for nothing
[Retrospect:] I got the grill in my mouth, the gold on my neck
Yacht boats, and hot clothes, got O's on my check
And for those want to test, 44's hit you chest
Young 'tro on the set, man I hold my respect
[Slow V:] I'll have a hoe weak for about a whole week
They need helmets and shit
When I'm done, they nose bleed
Clap two at cha man's and then stay low key
Tough guy on the block but he running a 4-3
[Retrospect:] I'm on an emcee hustle, you can call it a mic grind
More money in a day than you will see in a lifetime
Only worried 'bout myself, 'cause I'm rapping for wealth
I got more diamonds on my belt, than an African well
[Slow V:] S-500, interior mink
I got an M3 for the bitches pussy pink
A brand new Lotus, It got to be loaded
Plus the ice on my neck make these bitches loose focus
[Retrospect:] Take a look at my house and you can tell me who's got it
One pinky ring will send your four kids through college
A true profit, spitting is how I make a living
So don't talk about dealing if it ain't about billions, Nigga

(Verse 2: Retrospect and Slow V)
[Retrospect] Yo, Slow V & Retro's like a fresh flow
From a river with lyrical minerals
The best yo
So let go, yes, oh
[Slow V:] Keep you mind blown with this hydro
The realest it gets, even our haters is loving this shit
It's SR nigga so salute, no suites, no troops
Just the truth in our daily commutes
[Retrospect:] We live in the booth, literally
Just give us a stereo beat and
Pay attention as we bury your fleet
It's scary to me, how young niggaz half your age
Can just come up on your stage and take fans away
[Slow V:] We rip them apart, till them niggaz needing new parts
Damage more than they flesh and leave more than a scar
Niggaz duck when our albums drop
What we spit up in this booth
Them niggaz going to need more than a mop
[Retrospect:] And more than the cops
To hold flows boiling this hot
We handle shit like Donald
When it comes to the guap
[Slow V:] It don't stop
[Retrospect] When it's representing that hip-hop
We Nike shit and Timberlands
Y'all niggaz on flip-flops
[Slow V:] The realest to kill it, it's vivid
Just admit it you feel it
Acidic the lyrics the beat
Just admit it the sickest
If this shit were a jail, we'd have the best bars
Slow V, Retrospect, SR, yes, y'all

[Scratch:] What you heard is true
Slow V & Retro, SR but that's sir to you

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