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Blue-Eyed Beauty

This song is by Slit Wrist Conspiracy.

Alone without you
Dream within me
This life that hangs on a glittering thread
Our time is short by day's standards
Like clouds that seamlessly float
I feel like an outsider

Blue eyes pierce my heart
I'm alone in the dark
With my Blue-Eyed lust for you
Completely consumes all
You don't know how I feel
I love you

You sat near me
Surrounded by friends
I know that I am not true with you
They know how I feel
They share my feelings, crying in the dark
I am not so much an outsider

Deep eyes of gold
Loving eyes of blue
I try to cry for you in my head
I known how you really feel
You told me, but maybe in lust
It's glad to get a sound footing
Where I'm not drowning in the pools of your eyes
I want to be with you

Blue Eyes liven,
Blue Eyes hurt me,
Blue Eyes show me,
Blue Eyes love me,
This Blue Eyed-lust is real

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