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Extra Secret Track

This song is by Slipknot and appears on the album Slipknot (1999).

This is on the Digipak, following the song Despise and it precedes Eeyore. It is a song in which they are all watching an extremely disgusting porno as Chris' initiation into the group. (RUMOR: The Porno is called "Mudslide" buy it from Adam and Eve porn shops).

"Does this not bother any of you guys?"
"Shawn you need to shoot from the bathroom door out so you don't get any on the..."
"Yeah Shawn go over there."

(Shawn was apparently creating a home video of the group and they were simply telling him to move for a better angle, according to Shawn in an interview.)

"Is that your aunt?"
"Dude, my frat burger is comin' back up dude"
"No Shit"
"Oh God... hahaha"
"Oh look at that"
"Oh God damnit"
"Ah Dude"
"No... dude"
"Look at that poo face she got goin' on.." and "oh no I'm not here dude" at the same time
"Dude my eyes are watering"
"Haha oh.."
"Oh, oh man let it roll"
"She gotta 5 o'clock shadow"
"Ah hell no dude"
"Oh god"
"I'm tearin' up"
"Fuckin' God dude"
"She's all about it"
"She can't get enough!"
"Pretend it's pudding, pretend it's pudding"
"Dude, that's some chunky pudding"
"He's watchin her"
"He/she's gonna take off"
"He's all checkin' it out now"
"She's all about that shit, she's all about it dude"
"Oh wait this part... check this out dude"

Time passes and un-understandable words fly around between laughs and puking

"It don't bother me at all"
"Oh, oh she's fucked"
"Hey hey hey... Chris"
"No dude"
"She's covered in it dude"
"She's rinsing it... she just beat him off dude"
"Fuckin' A dude"
"Oh oh god..."
"Oh my god"
"Ohohoh, my god"
"I've never seen anything ruder in my life, dude"
"Chris, Chris look at this one..."
"Chris" "Oh, I'm done, done, I'm done with it dude, I am done with it dude"
"Chris, Chris look" "No I can't... I will puke, and I don't want to puke dude"
"You guys gotta shut the fuck up dude"
"Oh" "This is sick dude, sick... This is sick"

Guitar Riff enters

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