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This song is by Slingbacks.

Drinking: some Mexican night
Trailer - love by your side
She's numb, come out for a ride
I'll be there and all heartbroken

Me watching you, watching her
See you through
All the stupid things you do
No matter what you do, you'll get wasted, too

Summer comes: I'm driving south
Useless words hanging out of your mouth
We have ourselves to blame
Bored with this and all our friends complain

Jobs and new mortgages overdue
Will your resume see you through?
No matter what you do, you'll get wasted, too

Did we inherit something less
To earn us all this bitterness?
Is it something that I missed?
Is this boredom bliss?

Failure follows me through town
And you will start dragging me down
I couldn't even get arrested,
For drinking when there's no one else to blame

All hearts fail, fear the dark and chase our tails
When there's nothing more left to prove,
No matter what we do, we'll be wasted, too,
Doesn't matter what you do, wasted, too.

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