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All Pop, No Star

This song is by Slingbacks.

This is our season of regret
Your adolenscent dreams of fame
Tracing your autograph on a polished bar
Didn't get you very far
All pop, no star

No this should have been your rags to riches
Instead of detox wards and stitches
Left all the luxury of drinking under the stars
And sleeping in your car
All pop, no star

And when the shaking stopped you could be all star, no pop
Spinning in your bed like a suicide in my head

Whenever I want you around
Your ghosts will always come
They'll always drag me down
As fallen heroes go, you know you are the one without some pointless gun
No fun
Didn't get you very far
All pop no star
We love you as you are
All pop, no star.

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