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Money, Power, Respect Flow

This song is by Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon.

First, you get the money
Then you get the power
Then you get the respect fucka

(Killa Kyleon)
My rims, stop, and go like a crossin guard
'Cause I got stacks to the ceiling like Boston George
Plus I keep a awesome broad man I'm flossin hard
I know you niggaz see the whips, parked across the yard
We ballin ova here but we don't pass the rock
We pass the rock that keep you high as astronauts
I'ma roll a set of 4's, if they glass or not
For cats that plot? I keep a cock, blasted glock
That'll put ya ass in shock, here my phone drop
I got tha, key to the city, the South on lock
They know, Ima spit a hit, when they cut the Mic on
And make niggaz chunk bones like, it's a fight song
I'm so magnificent, when it comes to this
But you don't wanna box you betta get ya gun fa this
And you don't wanna get, run up in ya lungs fa this
So you bitch ass niggaz betta run from this (Killa!)

(Slim Thug)
Money, power respect, drugs, violence and checks
That's all assets that brings, Slim Thug checks
He sleep, next to techs and keep one eye open
Just in case some jackas attack us, Slim stay slopin
And, Slim stay hopin he can catch him a cheater
Pull out the heata give 'em sixteen shots in his wife beater
Blast one to the head, leavin' all witnesses dead
'Cause I ain't tryin' to visit wit the homicides or the feds
When you in the mob? There ain't nothin' to it
And I know It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it
Slim Thugga stay mob stylin, ask, D-One or C-Ward
They'll vouch for the Boss And tell you that he hard
Ain't shit 'bout me fraud Ima real nigga
When I got rich I bought bricks And brought the pies to dealas
To help 'em get up, they scrilla Who you know mo' illa?
Then the Thrilla and Manilla You can ask that G, Killa
He'll tell ya Everythang the Boss say, he display
Everyday, where he stay, I know you seen 'em round the way (Hey!)
I don't know what you niggaz thinkin' or the name of the shit you drankin
Try to stop mah big bankin? You gon'get found stankin

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