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Tip On In, Part 1

This song is by Slim Harpo and appears on the Compilation album Tip on In (1996) and on the Compilation album The Excello Singles Anthology (2003).

Ooh, lay it on me, baby
Don't stop now
Let your hair down, baby
We ain't goin' to heaven, no how
I'm ready to burn, baby
Right here and now

Whoa, I dig those crazy clothes
Let me feel those fish-net hose
Cut low at the top
And high at the bottom
In fact, I don't see
How we ever did without 'em

Now, there's a place down the street
They call 'The Tippin' In'
Let's walk on down there, baby
That's where the fun begin
But let me check you just one mo' time

You know you send me, baby
Let's go on in here
Now, sock it to me!
You know this gettin' good to me, now?
Aaw, shuck!

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