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Sings "Raining In My Heart..." (1961)Edit

Sings "Raining In My Heart..."
Sings "Raining In My Heart..."
  1. Rainin' In My Heart
  2. Blues Hangover
  3. Bobby Sox Baby
  4. I Got Love If You Want It
  5. Snoopin' Around
  6. Buzz Me Baby
  7. I'm A King Bee
  8. What A Dream
  9. Don't Start Crying Now
  10. Moody Blues
  11. My Home Is A Prison
  12. Dream Girl

Baby Scratch My Back (1966)Edit

Baby Scratch My Back
Baby Scratch My Back
  1. Shake Your Hips
  2. Midnight Blues
  3. Harpo's Blues
  4. Buzzin'
  5. My Little Queen Bee
  6. I Love The Life (I'm Livin')
  7. Baby, Scratch My Back
  8. I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)
  9. Rainin' In My Heart
  10. Wonderin' Blues
  11. We're Two Of A Kind
  12. I Need Money

Tip On In (1996)Edit

Tip On In
Tip On In
  1. Tip on In, Part 1
  2. Tip on In, Part 2
  3. I'm Gonna Keep What I've Got
  4. I've Got to Be With You Tonight
  5. Mailbox Blues
  6. Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu
  7. Mohair Sam
  8. I Just Can't Leave You
  9. That's Why I Love You
  10. Just for You
  11. My Baby She's Got It
  12. I've Been Your Good Thing for You
  13. Hey Little Lee
  14. Stick Your Chest Out Baby
  15. Folsom Prison Blues
  16. Mutual Friend
  17. I've Got My Finger on Your Trigger
  18. The Price Is Too High
  19. Jody Man
  20. The Music's Hot
  21. You Can't Make It
  22. The Hippy Song
  23. Dynamite
  24. Rock Me Baby
  25. Baby Please Come Home

The Best of Slim Harpo (1997)Edit

Slim Harpo - The Best Of
The Best Of Slim Harpo
  1. I'm A King Bee
  2. I've Got Love If You Want It
  3. Wonderin' And Worryin'
  4. You'll Be Sorry One Day
  5. Strange Love
  6. Bobby Sox Baby
  7. One More Day
  8. Rainin' In My heart
  9. Blues Hangover
  10. Buzzin'
  11. Still Rainin' In My Heart
  12. Snoopin' Around
  13. Te Ni Nee Ni Nu
  14. Tip On In, Part 1
  15. Shake Your Hips
  16. Baby, Scratch My Back

Other SongsEdit

  1. Late Last Night

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1924, d.1970

  • Instruments: harmonica, guitar, vocals
  • aka: Harmonica Slim
Real name:

Slim Harpo is a performance name for James Isaac Moore.

Years active:


Record labels:

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