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The Angel of Goulburn Hill

This song is by Slim Dusty and appears on the album Give Me the Road (1996).

Well I picked up my load, hit the road on the southbound highway,
For once in my life I got the feelin' that luck was all my way,
I got a clear run ahead of me still, and a load that will pay me some bills
And I know my angel is waitin' on Goulburn Hill.

About a year ago I was flying down Goulburn Hill,
Floating out around an old Kenwood, just for the thrill,
And the load beneath the old tub, was as high as my bank overdraft,
When the brakes they started to fade on Goulburn Hill.

Well I don't mind sayin' I nearly went out my mind,
I went cold all over as the speedo started to climb,
You better float'n in angel gear
Well there's no place for doing it here,
With a bend and a bridge at the bottom of Goulburn Hill.

I was calling myself all kinds of one eyed lair
Tryin' gearin', stearin' and pumping an' sayin' my prayers,
When the posts were just a white blur,
That's the moment I first saw her,
They say she's called the Angel of Goulburn Hill.

She was there in the cab and I don't know how she got there,
She put her hand on the wheel and said try the brakes just once more,
There's no rhyme or reason to show, why the old girl suddenly slowed,
But that's how it happened that night on Goulburn Hill.

Now don't think that I'm the only one who's ever seen her,
And don't mention angel gear to me 'cause I've been there,
I got a new paint job on this truck,
And I hope it brings me good luck,
But the name on the door is 'The Angel of Goulburn Hill.'

Oh, the name on the door is 'The Angel of Goulburn Hill.'

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