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Ringer From the Top End

This song is by Slim Dusty and appears on the compilation album The Very Best of Slim Dusty (1998).

I'm a ringer from the top end where ya gotta know your job
And what you're doin' each day on 2 million acres you bet
Ya have to earn your pay if ya wanna take it on
There's one thing that shouldn't be forgotten
Nobody else can do the job like a ringer from the top end.
Out on the fence line swallowing dust, blood on my hands from the barb
Hoping that rogue bull won't see the hole before they get him in the yard.
But I get a funny feeling in the middle of my back
Sure enough he's coming like a train down the track
That's when nobody else moves faster than the ringer from the top end
I'm a ringer from the top end
Where ya gotta muster 3 thousand head in a day
Move 'em to the yards and water them at end of day
It's not the sort of job you'd take if you're looking for a soft one
But ya take a kinda pride in saying, "I'm a ringer from the top end."
Well I roll out my swag 'neath the boab tree
And then I'm out like a light dreaming about those girls in town
Next thing it's broad daylight no time to dream of what might have been
I'm in a dirty bull catcher with the mustering team
I better keep my mind on the job 'cause I'm a ringer from the top end. Hey!
And nobody does the job better than a ringer from the top end. Oh Yeah!


Written by:

Joy McKean

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