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Old Bush Mates Of Mine

This song is by Slim Dusty and appears on the album Walk a Country Mile (1979).

There's a far off distant valley where the Nulla moon shines bright
I can see it all so clearly for in dreams I'm there tonight
I go wanderin' through my memories and my restless heart beats time
To dwell a while and sadly smile for these old bush mates of mine

I recall the summer evenin's away out on the farm
And the dances that we went to in a neighbours old slab barn
I can see the sawdust risin' as we pranced around the room
The old violin and accordion pumpin' out an old bush tune
How's that

Happy days with schoolboy cobbers there was Shorty Ron and Jim
We'd swim beneath the willows chasin' turtles down the stream
Oh the bushland was just a playground beneath the friendly sky
My thoughts still go to the land I know where the big blue mountains rise

Saddlin' up for the springtime muster down at the old stock yards
When the brandin' fires were smokin' and the day was long and hard
I can still hear the old man swearin' get a move on you blokes don't crawl
The sun is high and the dust clouds fly as we grab a steer and call

I'm so sad for dear old homeward oh I've been away so long
I hope the folks are listenin' and I hope they hear this song
For I'll soon be back out yonder and you can bet your boots I'll shine
And sing at night by the lantern light with those old bush mates of mine

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