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Me and My Guitar (1972)Edit

Slim Dusty - Me and My Guitar

Me and My Guitar

  1. Ramblin' Shoes
  2. The Man From Snowy River
  3. Second Class, Wait Here
  4. That Was Years Ago
  5. She Wasn't There To Meet Me
  6. Mackenzie
  7. Boots Of Many Colors
  8. Anthill Style
  9. Peter Anderson & Co.
  10. Do You Think That I Do Not Know
  11. Roughriders
  12. The Birdsville Track
  13. Drought

Walk a Country Mile (1979)Edit

Slim Dusty - Walk a Country Mile

Walk a Country Mile

  1. Walk A Country Mile
  2. Son Of Noisy Dan
  3. When The Rain Tumbles Down In July
  4. Johnny Foster
  5. Music My Dad Played To Me
  6. Old Stock Ridin' Days
  7. D Towards The Head
  8. The Day I Went Back Home
  9. Send 'er Down, Hughie!
  10. Pub With No Beer
  11. Many Yesterdays Ago
  12. Old Bush Mates Of Mine
  13. Territory Ringer
  14. In My Hour Of Darkness

Australia Is His Name (1985)Edit

Slim Dusty - Australia Is His Name

Australia Is His Name

Disc 1
  1. Travellin' Country Band
  2. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  3. Along the Road to Gundagai / I'm Going Back Again to Yarrawonga / The Man From the Never Never / That Old Bush Shanty of Mine
  4. Ironbark Jim
  5. Old Bush Barbecue
  6. Spirit of Australia
  7. Send'er Down Hughie
  8. Lights on the Hill
  9. Along the Road of Song
  10. Australia Is His Name
  11. Letter From Down Under
  12. The Old Woolshed Do
  13. Isa Rodeo
  14. Cobb & Co. Twitch
  15. Answer to the Pub With No Beer
  16. Sundown
  17. Angel of Goulborn Hill
  18. Waltzing Matilda
  19. Cattle Camp Reverie
  20. Darwin (Big Heart of the North)
Disc 2
  1. Horse and Hobble Days
  2. Leave Him in the Long Yard
  3. Banjo's Man
  4. Old Time Country Halls
  5. A Pub With No Beer
  6. Willy Willy
  7. Old Man Drought
  8. The Melbourne Cup
  9. Good Old Country Style
  10. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  11. Indian Pacific
  12. Boomerang / Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport / Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox
  13. Australian Bushmen
  14. Clancy of the Overflow
  15. Bush Poets of Australia
  16. Things I See Around Me
  17. The Dying Stockman
  18. Walk a Country Mile
Disc 3:
  1. Big Frogs in Little Puddles
  2. Sequel to the Pub With No Beer
  3. Trumby
  4. Joe Maguire's Pub
  5. Every Little Bit of Australia
  6. The Birdsville Track
  7. G'Day Blue
  8. The Old Bullock Dray / The Snake Gully Swagger / Game as Ned Kelly / Woolloomooloo
  9. From the Gulf to Adelaide
  10. The Brass Well
  11. Harry the Breaker
  12. Where Country Is
  13. When a Boy From Alabama Meets a Girl From Gundagai / A Little Boy Called Smiley / A Town Like Alice
  14. Last Thing to Learn
  15. Charley Gray's Barn Dance
  16. Henry Lawson
  17. Dieseline Dreams
  18. Pub With No Beer

Beer Drinking Songs of Australia (1986)Edit

Slim Dusty - Beer Drinking Songs of Australia

Beer Drinking Songs of Australia

  1. He's a Good Bloke When He's Sober, but ...
  2. You've Got to Drink the Froth to Get the Beer
  3. Pub With No Beer
  4. The Hangover Song
  5. Mad Jacks Cockatoo
  6. My Pal Alcohol
  7. Whiskey Blues
  8. Pay Day at the Pub
  9. Old Bush Barbecue
  10. Three Rivers Hotel
  11. The Boxing Kangaroo
  12. Born With an Endless Thirst
  13. Joe Maguire's Pub
  14. The Pub Rock
  15. The Pubs Still Make a Quid
  16. The Pub That Doesn't Sell Beer
  17. Answer to the Pub With No Beer
  18. Callaghan's Hotel
  19. Duncan
  20. End of the Pub

G'day G'day! (1988)Edit

Slim Dusty - G'day G'day!

G'day G'day!

  1. G'day G'day
  2. Good Old Feed of Flathead
  3. Christmas, When I Was Big As You
  4. A Girl From the Land
  5. I Can Still Hear Dad Swearing
  6. Breakaway
  7. Hows' Your Memory
  8. Sittin' On the Old Front Verandah
  9. The Johnsonville Dance
  10. Bloody Bonzer Mate
  11. The Boss
  12. Up the Old Nulla Road

Give Me the Road (1996)Edit

Slim Dusty - Give Me the Road

Give Me the Road

  1. Give Me the Road
  2. The Angel of Goulburn Hill
  3. You Take Her From Nerrandera
  4. The Boss Man
  5. We've Been Truckin' Too
  6. Danger! Road Train
  7. Highway One
  8. Roaring Through the Night
  9. Kelly's Offsider
  10. Just Can't Miss It Mate
  11. The Great Australian Whinger
  12. Road Train Blues

The Very Best of Slim Dusty (1998)Edit

Slim Dusty - The Very Best of Slim Dusty

The Very Best of Slim Dusty

  1. A Pub With No Beer
  2. Lights on the Hill
  3. The Biggest Disappointment
  4. Three Rivers Hotel
  5. Ringer From the Top End
  6. Where Country Is
  7. Leave Him in the Longyard
  8. Plains of Peppimenarti
  9. Duncan
  10. Charleville
  11. Indian Pacific
  12. Sweeney (Live)
  13. G’day G’day
  14. Walk a Country Mile
  15. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
  16. I'm Going Back Again to Yarrawonga (Live)
  17. Old Time Country Halls
  18. Camooweal
  19. We've Done Us Proud
  20. Country Revival
  21. Cunnamulla Fella
  22. By a Fire of Gidgee Coal
  23. Losin' My Blues Tonight (Live)
  24. Wobbly Boots

Looking Forward Looking Back (2000)Edit

Slim Dusty - Looking Forward Looking Back

Looking Forward Looking Back

  1. Looking Forward Looking Back
  2. Never Was at All
  3. There's a Rainbow Over the Rock
  4. Matilda No More
  5. The Bloke Who Serves the Beer
  6. Paddy William
  7. Clean Up Our Own Backyard
  8. Old Time Country Songs
  9. A Bad Day's Fishing
  10. Port Augusta
  11. Good Heavens Above
  12. Hooks & Ride
  13. Keela Valley Coals
  14. Memories and Dreams
  15. Looking Forward Looking Back (reprise)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Life Is Like A River
  2. Old Gilbert

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