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The Swiss Yodelers

This song is by Slim Clark and appears on the album Cowboy Songs (1958).

If you should go to Switzerland where the mountains reach the sky
And started into yodeling a simple lullaby
You would soon realise that you were not alone
You'd get a yodeling answer that makes you feel at home

'Most everyone in Switzerland yodels all the day
Even little children they yodel while they play
They yodel in the moonlight upon the mountain side
And listen to the echo that cross the valley's wide

The man who makes the watches, he yodels all day long
He sets up his ambition to sing his yodel song
If you sat by his doorway the tune will catch your ear
The sweetest sounding yodel you will ever hear

When the boy he goes a-courting with his girlie sweet and true
He doesn't deal and fool her like other fellas do
They sat upon the doorstep of a little sweet chalet
And yodel of Him praises until the break of day

And then on yonder mountain lives the captain of them all
He's the fastest yodeler and you will hear his call
He's fashioning his fancy with his girlies left and right
He yodels from the break of day till far into the night

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