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Cowboy Songs (1958)Edit

Slim Clark - Cowboy Songs

Cowboy Songs

  1. Saddle In The Sky
  2. Rocky Mountain Sweetheart
  3. The Trail Riders Call
  4. The Swiss Yodelers
  5. Swiss Lovers Lullaby
  6. The Cat Came Back
  7. Old Chisholm Trail
  8. My Calgary Home
  9. Jack O'Diamonds
  10. Yodeling Mad
  11. Big Rock Candy Mountain
  12. Just One More Yodel

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1917, d.2000

Real name:

Slim Clark is a performance name for Raymond LeRoy Clark.

Also known as:

Yodelin' Slim ClarkYodeling Slim Clark

Years active:

1930's - 1970's

Former members:

  • Kenny Roberts - Red River Rangers
  • Dick Curless - Trailriders

Slim Clark was a member of:

  • Red River Rangers
  • The Trailriders
  • The Trailsmen


Record labels:

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