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Oh Na Na Na

This song is by Slim Burna and features Edem.

Slim Burna
She must be in slim and dark
My shawty gat the biggest back
She ah know we the realest cats
Bad man with the biggest bucks
Biggest bucks
Looking like Rihanna na
Halle Berry shape make me gaga ga
Remix with Gha-na-na
I be naija, oh na na na
Gal the way you do make mi wonder (Yeba)
Backside anaconda (Yeba)
Lemme take you to da corner
(Money money money money money ye)
Gyal you gat mi feeling all right (Lawda Mercy)
Naughty said she want mi all night (Lawda Mercy)
She say she wanna turn off di lights
(Turn of the lights)

Sha ah whine, roller coaster
Bad gyal be a porn star
She ah bad sharp lover
Ye, she turn mi over
She turn mi over aii

Baby hear mi say, everything you do
Gat mi going gaga ga
Sexy little mama ma
You gat mi singing oh na na na

Oh na na na (3x)
You gat mi singing oh na na na

Like the way she don't stop I'm like oh oh Nana
Let me take you on roller coaster mama
Mana nusianu nadze edzinawo woanor kama
In the manner backa dey move just dey make I dey stammer
As you dey see me I dey calculate
How many times for the club wey the gal gyrate
This Rihanna look alike got me meditating
Afi nunake kola I will be initiating (u see me)
Ebe yedzibena nua na vivi
I, m like I got a few friends up in lasgidi
Slim Burna, Alobam and Banga Lee
We boutta turn the heat up make we ansa dem
Goget'em special delivery
Make I Picasso the life so vividly newoadro nena kplorm do
Call a few friends head to my Condo

Slim Burna
Shawty, sexy girl make you put it on me
Loving di way that you whine for me
Inna di club, everybody head turning
Oh na na, sexy mama, go gaga
(You Ghanaian girl, you make ma head swell)
Oh na na, sexy mama, you make me go gaga
(Take me away, just fly away)


Written by:

Gabriel Soprinye Halliday; Denning Edem Agbeviadey

Produced by:

Ayzed; Slim Burna

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