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Table For Two

This song is by Slik Willy.

I'm Wondering if it's me and only me
Am I the only one in for us
Cause every time I wait for your call
I end up calling you myself
And I go through this every night
But we never argue or even fight
I wonder just what it takes
To be at the top of your stakes

Yet we walk together down the street
And I end up tripping over my feet
Your always there to help me back up
But these times, now I'm all by myself

So late at night I wonder just what I did
And I wish I could wake up and still be a kid
Cause all those times in back I miss
I'd change it so you would be my first kiss

I clutch my pillow tight thinking of you
Just hoping you might call this once
But my hopes are to high even for us
I wake up in a place where I'm not

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