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Regrets Won't Last

This song is by Slik Willy.

Well its hard to decide
When everybody is always on the other side
And I know at times you feel alone

Well don't cry because this time
Someone's here to keep you in your sky
Flying like you are on your own

Well don't worry baby
Because this time maybe
Someone will show you how

Wake up, its time
Its time to start another life
Because I know that this one has got you down

Sleep tight, all night
Dreaming of an angel by your side
Because I know that one will help you down

Hold on this time
Because I know your heart is slipping through your mind
You are contemplating on how to stay

And ill try my best
To help your heart go through the test
I want to watch you finally say

And I know that you will see
Just how beautiful life can be
If you hold on and forget your past
Regrets wont ever last

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