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​Q Tip & Peter Gunz Skit

This song is by Slick Rick and appears on the album The Art Of Storytelling (1999).

He said, "They're really not real, they're just a front for the girls"
Then a whole bunch of fists just, caved he's world
He was in pain, so ashamed, he wish he had not came
Had to kindly pick up my face and then ride home on the train, then
H went to an open store that's where they brought/bought him a quart
Then I went to the park, and I sat and I thought

Got real drunker than a skunk and happy as can be
We went, to the Latin Quarters and we got in free
Scoopin all the girls like nuttin with my trunk jewelry
'Cause I'ma fly brown brother and you can't school me
Peter gunz was performin hey they ain't no joke