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This song is by Slick & Rose and appears on the album Objects in the Mirror (2003).

You said you needed lots of space
So I moved my things from your place and
Why you got that look on your face
Do you miss?
Do you miss?
Do you miss what lies
In between these thighs
It's not about
How we turned it out
We ain't gotta speak everyday
For me to know that it's okay
I ain't tryin' to be in your way
You know I care when I say
That it is what it is and that's okay
Yeah it is what it is and that's okay

You ain't gotta see me
Bay you can be free
Loving should be easy
You ain't got
You ain't got

Why you wanna be so complex?
My love is as good as it gets yeah
You know that I don't mean any harm
But there's calm before the storm
And when it rains baby it will pour
But I love you still, better than before
Baby you could look but you won't find
Another love as good as mine
We gone have it all in due time
Do your thing and I'll do mine
No fuss, no fight
No wrong, no right
No love, no loss
And it's all all right

Hook Repeats

You ain't gotta speak to me
You got every right to be free
I'll be waiting patiently
'Cause I love 'cause I love
It ain't gotta be so deep
Ain't no need to lose any sleep
I'll be waiting patiently
Baby you baby

Hook repeats

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