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White Dove

This song is by Sleepy Sun and appears on the album Embrace (2008).

A white dove, she comes
My love, she's singing with her wings through fire

I fooled everybody singing my own song
I told everybody I'm writing my own laws

Lonely cloud of rain wash away her pain
Dark cold ball of tears wash away her fear
There's war

"You'll fly alone. You'll die alone."

A white dove, she's clean
My love, she's singing with the summer rain

"I spent all the money saving my own soul"

Careless yellow sun, burn away their guns
Ancient ball of fire, burn away desire
There's war

"You'll fly alone. You'll die alone."

Hands down sell the dream to me
I'm two wings short, I'll give you all I can
She's wise, hanging in the trees
She's singing like wind blowing through the leaves

Night time, tie me up with you
I want to hang with you, or dream like we once flew
She flys high above the trees
Oh pure white dove, come fly home to me

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