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Dress Up

This song is by Sleepy Brown and appears on the album Mr. Brown (2006).

Ooh, such a beautiful night
It's time to party... time to party
Put that dress on that you know I like
The one that fitted right... that fitted right

Let's go baby yeah (come on baby)
Come on baby (let's go baby)
The car is waitin' (the car is waitin', car is waitin', car is waitin')
It's you and me tonight, just put your glass with mine
Let's toast to love and reach the sky

'Cause tonight baby
Let's leave our cares behind and just unwind (wind, wind)
I can give you what you like baby
'Cause you're so fine baby, love it when you
Dress... Up

(Saxophone solo][ad-libs)

Ooh, when we step off in the room
They look at you... they look at you
Just the sexy things you do (sexy, sexy)
You know ya do... ya know ya do

Come on baby yeah (come on baby)
Show 'em baby (show 'em baby)
You ain't playin' (you ain't playin', you ain't playin', you ain't playin')
Let's go and hit the floor (floor) and dance till we can't no more
And show the world who I adore, you baby

(Music, saxophone solo)

(Music to fade)

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