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The Me Surgery Pt. 1

This song is by Sleepwithzzz.

Nurse right hand prep the left
Even though we go way back
Your fingers wouldn't stop their searching until they had found the perfect night stand
Nurse right hand gas the left
Count backwards from 100
You fall asleep and remember when you found a friend in the pixelated hotel
You cracked the door and checked for witness's it's not to late to claim you're lost
Then you sold you age and sex, that or you gave it away, I don't quite remember
You see? My left hand isn't well, you should see the things it's shown me
Sometimes though, I don't even mind
But now, I am gonna saw you off
This is surgical precision at its best
Now my forearm has a mouth with a stainless steel tongue
Trace the dotted line as shown in the self help diagrams
This is surgical precision at its best

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