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Bullets, My Only Weakness

This song is by Sleepwithzzz.

The sun getting old
The fields glowing gold
Heartless on the left
Thoughtless on the right
Creaking and grinding up to the road, through knee high grain, hundreds of them, shaking the ground, axes and oil cans in hand.
Running so quickly, without a sound, light like blowing leaves, out from the tree line.
With ropes at the necks, wrists and feet to hold in their hay.
They converged on the pavement at dusk, and began their attack
Some turned back with fear in their eyes
Some tried to sneak through the line
But we sped up
And jammed our hands in the door handles
And our feet in the floor
We couldn't be stopped by the heartless
We couldn't fall into the thoughtless
So we sped up
And we braced

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