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This song is by Sleeping Prophet and appears on the album The Alpha Sessions (2000).

Every day I say a simple prayer to the god thatlives inside of me
Inside of my mind and my body and walks the line between
Walking the cracks in my life and my jagged soul, looking for sanity
Looking for a way out, looking for a way up, looking for a way to believe

A way to rationalize all this tender pain I feel inside
Feel people looking at me and this pain I've got to hide
Masks beneath masks beneath masks and the truth gets lost
Every time I lose another person more pain is always the cost

So I play a game with myself
And its called make believe
Live in a world that's not quite real and never really what it seems... but
I am so fucking gone, sometimes I can't even reach myself
And what am I supposed to do, when I need you
I fall into myself
These broken dreams cut me
All the lies that are my life
Only serve to bind me
To this hell
Which I have created
No more sense of right and wrong
Only violence and sorrow
Only struggle to go

Looking for an answer
To life's little question
Just one little question
Why am I still alive?


Music by:

Patrick Simonds

Lyrics by:

Patrick Simonds

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