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Dread Champions Of The Last Days (2007)Edit

Sleeping Giant - Dread Champions Of The Last Days

Dread Champions Of The Last Days

  1. The Army Of One
  2. This Calls For Patient Endurance On The Part Of The Saints
  3. Narrow Road
  4. Whoremonger
  5. Behold The Pale Horse
  6. Dynasty
  7. Covenant
  8. Blame It On The Holy Rollers
  9. The Power Of Prayer
  10. Sleeping Giant
  11. No Sleep From My Eyes
  12. King Of Kings
  13. Oh Praise Him
  14. This Is The Word

Sons Of Thunder (2009)Edit

Sleeping Giant - Sons Of Thunder

Sons Of Thunder

  1. Gang Signs
  2. No One Leaves This Room Sick
  3. Sons Of Thunder
  4. Descending Into Hell
  5. The Streets Don't Lie
  6. The Army Of The Chosen One
  7. I've Seen
  8. Confession
  9. He Will Reign

Kingdom Days In An Evil Age (2011)Edit

Sleeping Giant - Kingdom Days In An Evil Age

Kingdom Days In An Evil Age

  1. Throne Room Militance
  2. Dead Men Walking
  3. Eyes Wide Open
  4. The Cross Is Suicide
  5. ICXC
  6. Tithemi
  7. Tongues Of Fire
  8. Jehovah Shalom
  9. The Unnamable Name
  10. Morningstar
  11. Enthroned
  12. (Deluxe Edition) Defiance
  13. (Deluxe Edition) Father To The Fatherless
  14. (Deluxe Edition) Holy Is The Lamb

Other SongsEdit

  1. Behold The Pale Horse (For Vinnie And John)
  2. Dynasty (For Maryn Victoria Green)
  3. Whoremonger: Epilogue To Adultery

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  • Matthew Weir
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