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​Seasons Of Abuse

This song is by Sleeping by the Riverside and appears on the split album Split (1999) by ​Sleeping by the Riverside and ​Carry The Dead.

When was the last time you could look me in the eye
To tell the truth, or did I have to pry?
Don't ask me to stand still while you waste away your prime
Every moment counts; today, tomorrow
You rest death on your mouth
You're my brother and you've fallen
Don't ask me to lie for you
Pick yourself up
When was the last time you respected you?
When was the last time you didn't hesitate to tell the truth?
You break my heart; I want to see you smile again
Christ is there to pick you up when your spirit is dead
And your blood is filled
You used to stand tall now all you make is excuses
Return and be made new in your season of abuses
I can't watch anymore the image of what I deplore
When was the last time?