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This song is by Sleep Well.

Outlines of formations that once aligned
Centered around the nests of pterodactyls and we're wasting our time
We're all just trespassers in disguise
Will someone break these plates so we can finally adapt and divide?

Speaking this limited language we hate
And all we fit between these oceans will someday follow us to our graves
We're all forced in this competitive state
Survivors are the ones who never seem to ever try and escape

Father! mother! someone! who am I now?
Am I a thief? a thief who dreams of stealing night from the owls?
Will you return my insides back from where they were made
Or just hang up all our skins after you've emptied our veins?

Moving masses forming new barricades
And when the dust cloud falls there is nothing to be breathing the same
Burned into a monster where you can't look away
Take my bones after I die.
Take my eyes after I die.

Erase our names
They are selfishly appointed anyways
Dress your maids
While they are yours and yours to keep and yours to change

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