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Do You Exist?

This song is by Sleep Well.

Beg for something common, beg for blood left in your veins
You're asking him for oxygen but breathing just the same
It's useless now in painless art to paint for someone blind
Because December won't stop staring and relieve me of my unopened eyes

Touched and I'm barely breathing
Open this cut is unrelenting
Flesh I am just a body
Porous but unwilling

These gloves are unprotecting of the blue and bitter type
With fingers clinging to the signs leads to the other side
Eyelides shielding images regretting to exist
But always asking the same question "why are we reduced to this?"

Patched and still upopened lays my severed bleeding hand
And if infected right the birds will take it bitten at the strands
God, why's this construction of our body simply bones?
And there's nothing left to keep me here from dying in the cold

Focused on the rain they used in the hole under your skin
Afraid to think what else they could have used to fill you in
Do you exist?
Do you exist now?
Please let me know if you exist
'Cause I'm not sure if you exist

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