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Silent World

This song is by Sleep The Season and appears on the album Don't Make A Move (2006).

Come over here and I'll teach you to breathe

Underwater and then you can drift off with me

And we'll float there for days in our own silent world

Because words don't mean nothing when you are my girl

Well I can't give you much, but I can give you a smile

And if that makes you laugh then I'll hold it a while

Cause it seems there is nothing that can bring me down

While your sitting so close to me

I'm glad that I found you

I can tell by your eyes

That you're just what I need

I can tell by your eyes

That you're taking a chance on me

Will you remember my face in the colour of light

When our bodies are swallowed by the shades of the night?

And we'll see with our finger tips as if we were blind

Cause as long as I feel you there, I won't mind.

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