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Everyday And The Day After That

This song is by Sleep the Season and appears on the album Don't Make a Move (2006).

Got up today.

I didn't know why I even bothered getting up at all,

So I just lay there in silence.

Angel on my bed,

Her wings are broken but her light is shining brighter than before.

And all she'd say was "Breath like I do".

When she sings her song, (I think I've got you this time)

I'm paralized by the sound and the beauty of it all.

I'm captivated by the feeling and the sadness of the fall,

But I can't hide this anymore.

Hey, you got me this time.

Second tries have stronger holds, my love.

No room left for regrets,

Cause this bed's full of secrets, lies and goodbyes.

Hearts will break, mistakes are made,

And it's all part of your melody; it fills your words with sympothy.

And able hands, holding back.

Your tired eyes are hypnotizing.

Sorry dear for criticizing.

'That's alright'.

(I think I've got you this time)

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