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Continents And Constellations

This song is by Sleep the Season and appears on the album Don't Make a Move (2006).

I had a dream that the world was flat

We were seaching for the edge so that we

Could fall forever in a tight embrace

Or prove that there was an end to space

I named a star for you on the way down

But we were faster than the speed of sound so

The next one's passing would learn your name

But I would never hear your voice again

I have no one to love

I woke up dreading that it wasn't real

That all I felt for you, you did not feel and

When I realized it was just a dream

I had to wonder what it all could mean so

I called you up with the intent to try

To spill my guts to you and ask you why

The two of us had never come to be,

But I was fearful you would laugh at me

I have no one to love

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