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Runaway Elba-1

This song is by Sleep Station and appears on the album Runaway Elba-1 (2002).

Now I can't promise you the world, but all these questions are confusing to me
Now they'll be braking down the walls
Am I the only that you will see? I will see you, maybe, and then, we will be nothing more than friends
Now I can't take them all away
For now I'll bring you home with me again
If I forgot you then you'll stay
I won't be locking the door, it's your way out and more, that's what friends are for
Now you are coming you're mine, and I will be with you, I will be with you
Now that I promised you the world
All bets are on mistakes I've been waiting for I would have been with you till the end, but now we are nothing more than friends

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