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This song is by Sleep Station and appears on the album Hang In There Charlie (2003).

June 12th: We have arrived and every moment is spent working there is little time for writing. Today I discovered some problems with our right engine but I believe we are on the right track when it comes to fixing everything. Charlie has been a bigger help than I thought, I have been keeping your picture on my console and I hope you remember what I told you, just look at the sky and know that I am here, and I miss you and I will be home soon
June 14th: I woke up this morning to find there is no signal back to base they cut me off, I cannot begin to ask why because time is of the essence now. I cannot get you out of my mind I am living in fear now.
June 15th: Things are coming along, getting better, still no contact with base. I think I am homesick now, my thoughts are racing, but I know everything is meant to be. do you remember last summer when we went to the fair and I told you I loved you, for some reason I cannot get that out of my mind in these moments when I am still

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