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This song is by Sleep Station and appears on the album Blood Of Our Fathers (2008).

We were walking home through the woods. We were singing each others songs like brothers would. Then I heard our names whistling down the river banks, bouncing off the rocks into the dust, yeah Momma's voice was calling out for us.

You left for the war when I had turned thirteen. I slept with the letters you had sent to me and when I walked towards your grave I was whispering your name then I turned my thoughts to good things you would do, yeah Momma's voice was crying out for you.

Oh, the love and the pain your young body gave.

Now I belong to this road and miles I've left behind. The darkness of this highway has become a friend of mine and sometimes at night I wonder where I went wrong, I close my eyes, I see your face and I'm gone.

I know there'll come a day when they will put my bones away and I'll descend into the earth from which I grew, yeah brother I'll be lying next to you, yeah brother I'll be lying next to you.

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