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Broke Your Trust

This song is by Sleep Station and appears on the album Hang In There Charlie (2003).

I will look for you now, since I couldn't make it down. Please tell my friends that I gave out, I was so careful not to try this time. Lord would you appear for us, I'm afraid that I will break the trust you have bestowed upon me. I will never take him out lord, and now I will never have to try, I am not allowed to act on these feelings, I am so impressed with him now, I am so proud. Lord would you forgive the lust in my heart? I never thought these feeling through. Sometimes I wonder if you can hear me, maybe it's all in my brain, I know now the devil stands in my way, I will look into his eyes and I will laugh before I die. Lord would you open your arms, and save me with your heart. I'm on my way, maybe I'm too late, you were here for us and I never broke your trust

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