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A Soldier To His Son

This song is by Sleep Station and appears on the album After The War (2004).

We can get in the car, drive around, and we can look at the stars. We can stare at the moon, and you will see that life goes by you so soon. Just know that I love you, you have made my heart fill with joy, and I'm just a father who loves his boy. I'll fall from the sky, I will sit and watch you run for a while, and we don't have to go nowhere, if you close your eyes you will know that I'm here. Just know that I'll listen to you, you will see that everything that you do will someday come back to you. What have I become the night will fade and lead me into the sun, and you won't see me fall, there's no telling what becomes of us all. Just know that I gave you all I had, there is life to live and to enjoy, and know that I love you my boy

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