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Personal Prison

This song is by Sleep Clinic.

You've taken it all away
Stolen everything I've had
I will cause cause pain
To all those who've made me mad
I've accepted what I am
And everything that will be

I will make them pay
One eventful day
I will make them fall
Each and everyone
Will hear what I have got to say

They can lock me away
Throw away the key
Nobody will know just what lies in me

Sometimes I don't understand
Just who I really am
Sometimes my head likes to dream
About the things that my mind demands

I attempt to control my horrid plots
Disguse what I become
To destroy all my thoughts
As my mind begins to rot

Why can't I change everything that I hide inside
Is this my own mind
Or my own foolish pride
I cannot tell which thoughts are mine
Please just leave me here, to crawl away and die

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