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Perfect Place

This song is by Sleddogs.

I saw house on a hill on a perfect day
Sunshine dancing on the garden gate
There was fortune in the wind and a smile on every face
It was perfect

I saw a woman on the porch singing lullabies
Gazing up at the clouds in her perfect sky
Yeah I could tell the time by the shadows in her eyes
It was too perfect

If I could, yes I would, choose another take
I'd built a boat and float on the open lake
And we would sail under the stars eating strawberry cake
Always searching for a perfect place

I saw a man and his boy looking over the land
The boy could see but he could not understand
He just danced around catching raindrops in his hands
It should have been perfect

I had a dream I was floating in an orange sky
Drifting like a tear on a butterfly
And I could hardly hear myself cry
It was perfect

We would waltz with the wind to a wondrous new shore
And walk right through an open door
To a house on the hill with a garden gate
And we'd wake up in a perfect place

Perfect place
In a perfect place

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