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This song is by Sleddogs.

Shut the door, draw the blinds
Don't let the neighbours read your mind
Please don't embarrass your father and me
The whole family name is on the line

Sister Kate's on the train
She's off to live with Aunty Jane
Just for the summer then it's off to private school
I won't be made a fool again, so swallow up your pain and

Put on a happy face
Big yellow happy face
Don't let them feel what you really feel inside, darling
Put on a happy face
Bright smilin' happy face
Don't let them into your twisted little world, oh no

Suck it up, be a man
Come on be mama's little man
No body wants to see a big cry baby
Slobbering and holding mother's hand

Be polite to Mr. Gray-Suit
No matter what he might say to you
Your father's up for a really big promotion
So don't cause a commotion or you'll ruin the whole damn day and

I don't why I ever had you
You really turned out to be a big waste of time
I gave you everything I never had
Now you've messed it up and least that you can do is smile

Your father works hard every day
Sometimes he just gets carried away
Don't make it harder than it has to be
And it has to be, so let it be, oh

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