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Album by Slapp Happy.
  1. Just a Conversation
  2. Paradise Express
  3. I Got Evil
  4. Little Girl's World
  5. Tutankhamun
  6. Mono Plane
  7. Blue Flower
  8. I'm All Alone
  9. Who's Gonna Help Me Now?
  10. Small Hands of Stone
  11. Sort of (instrumental)
  12. Heading for Kyoto
  13. Jumpin' Jonah CD bonus track; B-side of "Just a Conversation" single


  • Daggi: vocals, keyboards on "Blue Flower" & "Little Girl's World", percussion
  • Peter Blegvad: guitar, vocals, saxophone on "Small Hands of Stone"
  • Anthony Moore: guitar, keyboards
  • Gunther Wüsthoff: sax on "Paradise Express" & "I'm All Alone"
  • Werner "Zappi" Diermaier: drums
  • Jean-Hervé Péron: bass

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