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​Scarred for Life

This song is by Slapp Happy and appears on the album Ça Va (1998).

Leave me something to remember you by,
More than a lock of your hair.
Leave me scarred for life,
Show you really care.
You can do it with kindness,
Keener than a knife.
Just by making yourself scarce
You can leave me scarred for life.

We walked arm in arm with madness
And every little breeze
Whispered of the secret love
We had for our disease.

Leave me something so I won't forget,
More than a nick or a scratch,
To remind me than in you I met,
In you I met my match.

Nothing on the surface,
I don't want it to show.
Something I can hide inside
So only you and I will know.
You know I'd do the same for you -
Leave me scarred for life.

And if we never meet again,
For all the time we spent
Leave me with a tender spot,
Something permanent.

Written by:

Peter Blegvad.