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This song is by Slapp Happy and appears on the album Slapp Happy (1974) and on the album Acnalbasac Noom (1980).

Dawn he's in a postcard of the dawn,
Where the knives of light
Have left the dark night tattered and torn
The firmamental cars
On the highway of the stars are doing ninety
(For your love) - He's in a corner on the right,
The sole survivor of the night -
And it's you he's thinking of.
And you, you only think of him,
Dropping him a line 'cause he's got no time to swim
They're closing all the doors to his existential shores
- They'll leave him naked and alone
- & you can't help him now, he's in the waters of the south
- Sinking like a stone...
Running form the snapping jaws,
You knows he ain't got time to pause
- There's one last door between him and you
- Look out babe, he'll be coming through
(As soon as you admit that you're the cause).
Gone, with a squad of crooked creatures -
You saw a film of his escape
But you hardly recognized his features.
His seer's sight had lied about the other side
No one was waiting when you arrived.
You dared not hesitate - even so, you got there late -
Who takes who for one last ride??


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