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This song is by Slapp Happy/Henry Cow and appears on the album Desperate Straights (1975).

All my dismembered, half-remembered yesterdays,
Snowing sour rays,
Interfere with clearly being here today.
I'm sorry to say
I think I've strayed.
She said "say it - go aheard and at a planet bay it,
Babe it's the same today
As any other day".
I've gone astray.
I confess it, why should I repress it?
Unless it's wrestled through
It grows on you,
When you've strayed.
Gone into hiding, can't abide the latest tidings
From the tribe. It's reported hopes are thwarted,
Nothing of the wonderful survives.
Its resurrection is the purpose of our lives,
But who can rise?
How thick the lids lie on my eyes...


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