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This song is by Slapp Happy/Henry Cow and appears on the album Desperate Straights (1975).

Europa opens weary eyes
All her pretty cities levelled lie
Sweet continent, courage, don't cry
The occidental Accident
Concerning Reason's acts of treason
Has shot to Hell what Heaven sent

(Centered on playthings
Turning round toys
Our shaman drank duck's blood
And drove a Rolls Royce
We entered the circle
A map was described
We recognized Europe!
We broke down and cried)

She cannot call her myths her own
Lupine nipples squirted infant Rome
But Reason turned the Beast to stone
(Stone, when struck, released a spirit
From a spire spirit sang:
"A vitamin glimpsed in a mirror
Might exorcise Europe's dilemma")

Europe let me thank thee for these
Minds unravelled travels: memories
'Twas sweet to picnic 'neath the trees

Music by:

Anthony Moore

Lyrics by:

Peter Blegvad