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​Apes in Capes

This song is by Slapp Happy/Henry Cow and appears on the album Desperate Straights (1975).

Harken child by life beguiled,
It's said that some come unsung,
Sorry, no song for some,
Sing-song's ham-strung.
Seasoned with lies, hardboiled
But still calling all of the tunes
He's donned his garb,
The costume of a buffoon - we rise
To applaud his disguise.

Tho miles of smiles will greet
Your wiles, it's said that
Some come unsung, sorry,
No song for some,
Sing sad song sung.
If lady luck remain unstruck
Or run amok ah!
What can he do? Shunned,
He's sure to come unstuck

Wrapped in white silk,
Antelope's milk for soothing
His eyes. Apes traipse in capes,
It is unfortunate to see them
Rise to applaud one's disguise.

Written by:

Anthony Moore.