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Reconsidering Sandy

This song is by Slap Madcap and appears on the album Demolition On St. PatrickS Day (2006).

Not much to lose but even less to say
The trip of the day will make you feel okay
Locked up on a transportation road
Jumped the fence and decided which way to go

So Ms Jane went down and lent her hand
Stumbled in her words for thought
Victimization takes two you know
Ill save it for your funeral

My thoughts said you were wrongly accused
But now Ill turn my back
Cause everybodys got a joke on you

Panic disordered or less disturbed
Don't pretend she will help you find your way
You let her in and she set you up
But I know you're nobody fool

Another trial and another trade
Sold her soul and polluted shades
I guess the ceiling just wont last that long
Ill face her to repay my mistakes

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