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Porch Ground

This song is by Slap Madcap and appears on the album Demolition On St. PatrickS Day (2006).

Stay there until you leave
I know you have seen me deep within
Don't even count on me
My mind wouldn't wonder

You say it's coming soon,
But to me it's like it's not
You're a schizo and I am not
I wouldn't even wonder

You said everything was fine
Until you saw it by yourself
No one can see your verity
Seems like it's forgotten, I've seen better days
Kinda helpless, push the panic button

I can't hold back, but damn, you're close
Go ahead, I'll meet you there
You don't expect too much,
You're putting on a brand new face

You're way too blind to see
What's in it for you tomorrow?
Cast a spell, no I can't tell,
But it's for sure you're a loser

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