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Metal For The Nation

This song is by Slap Madcap and appears on the album Demolition On St. PatrickS Day (2006).

Now I see another face
Tell him he's a joker
For all I've heard you drove off telling lies

I know you're losing it,
Going 'round in circles
Your so called honesty will fail some day

My viewpoint
Is failing
Accomplish anything

Your life is a big lottery
You never really figured out yourself
You put your savings to a wreck
And everything turns to a cloud of smoke
Everything is gone

No one ever taught you life
Your future's already resting
You self obsessed hard hitting maniac

You're blessed with a talent
It's all an illusion
You magic tricks won't fool me anymore

You people
Please stop it
You're all killing me

You lost the grip and blew your chance
Now it's gone and yet you're too late
So get up admit you're wrong
Maybe she'll be around some say
Some day she'll be around

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